How To Join As A Region? 

Regions throughout Europe that wants to promote regional food and culinary traditions are invited to join the network Regional Culinary Heritage Europe. There is a great added value of a joint European Network for the promotion of regional food & culinary traditions since a strong trademark can add so much to this work done by the region that wants to develop the structure for local food and preserve culinary traditions. 

The Process of Joining The Network

The process to become Regional License Holder comes in several steps.
  • Candidate Region - A regional organisation - regional authority, federation, society, foundation or association - applies to the European Coordinator to join the network as Candidate Region. When the region is approved by the European Coordinator and they have paid the yearly fee the Candidate Region are introduced. The Candidate Region furthermore take part in an obligatory training course given by the European Coordinator to get to know the concept behind the network and the trademark.
  • Approved Region - After the completed training course the region get the status as an Approved Region which grants full rights within the concept of Regional Culinary Heritage Europe. As an Approved Region the Regional License Holder have the full right to use the trademark as long as they fulfill the stipulated Criteria.
  • The Regional License Holder pays a yearly fee of 20.000 SEK to take part in Regional Culinary Heritage Europe.
    Benefits Approved Region

  • Part of the Regional Culinary Heritage Europe network
  • Participation in joint European activities
  • A license to use the Trademark for Regional Culinary Heritage Europe
  • Give Business Members in their region the right to use the Trademark and take part in regional activities 
  • Full access to the official Regional Culinary Heritage Europe website which promotes the region and each individual business member

    Common Structure

    Regional Culinary Heritage Europe has a common framework for its criteria and set of rules to obtain clear and understandable for consumers regarding regional food and culinary traditions all over Europe as legislation and other national aspects can affect on a regional level. Each region can additionally add on other aspects that are important for their work by having the minimum set of criteria implemented in their own regional criteria. 

  • Criteria participating Regions
  • Criteria participating Business Members