License Fee

The Regional License Holder - the regional organisation that applies to join Regional Culinary Heritage Europe - is responsible for payments and contacts with the European Coordinator.

Approved Regions with full status as licensee pays an annual fee of 20.000 SEK excluding VAT. This includes amongst a lot of things the right to use the trademark of Regional Culinary Heritage Europe and licensee Business Members in the region to use the trademark.

Candidate Regions pay a fee of 20.000 SEK excluding VAT for the year they enter the network. This includes support from the European Coordinator under the introduction, the obligatory training course as well as for questions on how to build up and administrate a functional regional organisation. 

Training Course 

In order to maintain a high level of competence within Culinary Heritage Europe the regions get training by the European Coordinator.
Training courses takes place several times each year. One of the Training Courses is held during the Annual Forum.
The training is obligatory for Candidate Regions and for new Regional Coordinators in already Approved Regions.


The European Coordinator are working for all the regions and this person is therefore available to use as much as possible as a representative for the regional networks for marketing or at other events that can be of importance for the network. The region that wants this representation take care of the costs at place such as accommodation and catering during the visit. All such representation shall be planned well in time as the availability for such representation can be limited time till time due to other tasks within the network.