How To Join As A Business Member?
  • Businesses within regions without a Regional License Holder can be promoted and be engaged in the network under a license held by Regional Culinary Heritage Europe under surveillance and controlled by a National Reference Group (NRG) that is assigned by the European Coordinator.

  • The Business applies through this website to join the network and they will also pay the stipulated fee in advance. When these steps are made the National Reference Group (NRG) evaluate if the Business complies to the set Criteria for taking part in Regional Culinary Heritage Europe. If the Business doesn't fit in to the set Criteria all paid fees will be reimbursed back to the Business. 

  • There is a yearly fee of €90 excl. VAT plus costs for the Enamel Sign for the joining Business Member in a NRG controlled region. All fees for Business Members within NRG-regions are paid in our webshop - click here! (For regions with a Regional License Holder it's that organisation that decides the fee for their Business Members.) 

  • Business Members in all regions must fulfill the same Criteria stipulated by the network. The difference between regions controlled by a Regional License Holder and the regions controlled by NRG is that those regions doesn't have an assigned Regional Coordinator that works with the network specifically for them. Therefore the marketing of the NRG businesses will be done by themselves with the displayed Enamel sign and common marketing through the network such as website and social media. The NRG businesses have of course the same possibility to make use of the big European network as all the other businesses joined in to Regional Culinary Heritage Europe such as networking contacts, promotions and events.