Gospoda "Pod Czarnym Łabędziem"

The Inn was established in 2000. It is located on the Great Masurian Lakes Trail on the promontory connecting Niegocin Lake and Boczne Lake, 17 km from Giżycko. It offers a unique atmosphere and atmosphere of an old Prussian pub from over 100 years ago. We serve specialties of regional, Polish, Prussian and Lithuanian cuisine. The dishes are based on original, old recipes. The menu includes all flavors of Masuria min. fish, game, mushrooms, dumplings, kartacze, etc. The card is seasonal and compatible with the seasons. In summer, we serve dumplings with blueberries, curds, while in the winter - bigos, roasts and mushrooms. Products for the preparation of dishes come from proven, local farms. Delicious dishes can be enriched with a glass of old-brewed beer - light, dark or broken. The Inn offers its guests in their pantry a huge selection of products prepared on site, visitors can buy marinated mushrooms, tasty fish, meat, cured meats and already iconic old-farm beer. In the Inn we have 11 comfortable, comfortable and air-conditioned rooms.

Mazurska 98
11-513 Rydzewo
Telephone (87) 421 12 52, 501 67 68 99
[email protected]
GPS N53.96591 E21.76134 (WGS84 decimal)

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