What is Avocado Box?
Thanks to Avocado Box, finding avocados ripe enough to consume is not difficult at all. Avocado Box Gourmet, which eliminates the ripening problem, helps you have king-size avocados, as good as the exported ones, ripe for you to eat.


Ripe Avocados with Avocado Box

Whenever you order a Gourmet Package through out website, the harvesting process starts immediately and the package is delivered with 6 king-size avocados inside, of which 3 avocados are ripe enough to consume. When you consume the ripe ones, other avocados continue to ripen. Besides, you can order premium package and by weekly automatic deliveries you can have ripe avocados during the whole month. If you would like to ripen avocados by yourself, you can order our Avocado Box Fresh package.

We grow different types of avocados by ourselves, we pick them for you with great care and we deliver these avocados, which do not contain pesticide at all, when they ripen enough for consummation. The system that we offer for people who would like to purchase avocado, functions in a simple way. We are proud to be your first choice in avocado sales. If you would like to purchase avocado as well, we are the right place. You will always have this fruit, which has a high nutritional value and is indispensable for those who care about their health, in your kitchen thanks to Online Order System for Avocado. You can immediately start using our website which operates avocado sales and offers the best quality.

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