“The dining tables of our childhood, the mezes that our grandfathers used to eat with pleasure, the flavours prepared in grandmother’s house or summerhouse unites with the modern spirit of our current era. New generation meyhane dining tables are served to you with modern fresh mezes which are prepared using regional ingredients. Yiğit ULUS, a native of Alanya and a trained chef, is one of those who defend the theory that a meal should feed not only the stomach but also the spirit. Cilvarda is the name of the cape on the edge where Alanya Castle reaches to the Mediterranean Sea. Chef Yiğit ULUS explains the reason why he chose this name, “Our principle fountainhead is, in the first instance, Alanya and then the whole Anatolia. Alanya Castle reflects our origin and Cilvarda Cape, whose gentle touch to the Mediterranean Sea reaches until the oceans, different continents, in other words; to the rest of the world, reflects our respect to the international cuisines and other people, and our interaction with them.” Cilvarda Restaurant would like to host you with its idiosyncratic design and well-selected music list!”

The dishes can be ordered whole year and also described as ''CH Alanya Meals'' are below:
* Lentil Fava ( Mashed Lentil Wiht Dill )
* Marinated Shrimps With Quince Slices
* Sea Food Stew
* Smashed and Dried Tomato
* Şaşlık ( A name of a kebab type)
* Purslane with Yogurt by Chef Yiğit ULUS's Interpretation
* Alanya Style Deep Roasted Meat
* Korakesion
* Smashed and Dried Eggplant
* Kuru Cacık ( strained yogurt, cucumber and mint oil mixture)
* Dried Tomato Wşth Talatur Sauce
* Tabule

The dishes can be ordered seasonally and also described as ''CH Alanya Meals'' are below:
* Avocado Humus ( from October to April)
* Beet Humus ( during winter )
* Mashed Pumokin ( during winter )
* Smashed Avocado Wıth Strained Yogurt (from October to April)
* Baked Pumpkin With Yogurt Sauce ( during winter)


07400 Alanya
Telephone +90 532 392 84 44
[email protected]
GPS N36.55105 E31.97969 (WGS84 decimal)

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