Welcome to your new home in Alanya, which is on the top floor of Özkan Kırtasiye, one of the oldest bookshops in Alanya, where you can both have your coffee while reading a book and spend time with your loved ones as if you are in your own home.


The recipes we learnt from our mothers and the desserts we reformulated according to our taste, has started to go down a treat in the neighbourhood. We started our gastronomic journey 6 years ago, making “Concept Cakes” or cheesecake upon the special requests from our loved ones. We started to organise “boutique events” for special days such as engagement, birthday celebrations etc. With the rapidly increasing demand, offering our modern and traditional cakes made by using products of our own garden. Following that we put “NERDEK CAFE” into service on the top floor of our family enterprise, which is one of the oldest bookshops in Alanya.
Nerdek is the local name of a beverage widely consumed by the locals of Alanya. Our ancestors wanted to maintain cornelian cherry and sour cherry, as the season of these fruits did not last long and they concentrated these fruits using a special method. These concentrated fruits are maintained in order to serve as a special compliment for the visitors and took its place on our tables.
In order to sustain traditional guest hosting we learnt from our elders, in our cafe “Nerdek”; we offer you Nerdek (made of sour cherry or cornelian cherry), Alanya style milky Turkish coffee, almond coffee, spring tea (gayfeather), Alanya style homemade lemonade, delicious cheesecakes and typical flavours of Alanya which will make a special touch to the special time you are spending. After a breakfast with your friends or family you will not realize how the time rolls while consuming our jams cooked in wood fire and our delicious hand-made products.
In your special days and invitations, you can host your guests gladly with our custom design cakes, cookies and cheesecakes which we produced with hand labour and without using any kind of ready-mix. We can help you prepare tables livening up your day with our tailor made homemade dishes.
Just wish having a good tasting experience.
Nerdek Cafe is the meeting point of flavours coming out of home cuisine.

The dishes / beverages can be ordered whole year and also described as ''CH Alanya Meals / Beverages'' are below:
* Nerdek
* Alanya Style Lemonate
* Sesame Bagel Cookie
* S Pasta ( Cookie)
* Flour Cookie ( Alanya style)
* Cheese Cake
* Cheese Cake with Chocolate
* Magnolia
* Spring Tea ( Gayfeather tea)

Özkan Kırtasiye, Şekerhane Mah. Tevfikiye Cad. No:44
07400 Alanya
Telephone +90 242 513 89 20
[email protected]
GPS N36.54667 E31.99668 (WGS84 decimal)

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