Classic cheese ANDRUPENE

The recipe is old, but proved, so the subtlety of cheese making is a secret of our cheese makers. It is only possible to say that about 10 litres of milk and salt are necessary for preparation of 1 kg of cheese. Boil the milk; add a little salt and ingredients to coagulate the milk to curd grains. After the coagulation to curd grains, put the cheese pulp in moulds and wait until it cools down. To get a tasty cheese, it is very important to "seize the moment" for salting and to pack it in the correct stage of readiness in order the cheese will preserve its taste of freshly prepared rural cheese a day as well as a month later. Well, when the cheese is ready, cut it into slices and enjoy its great taste. Traditionally, the fresh cheese was eaten and still is eaten with butter, greens, bread, jam or honey. And if you want to give the dish a modern taste, pour balsamic sauce onto the cheese and serve it with arugula, basil or cilantro.

TRY (Cheese production)

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TRY (Cheese production)
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