Homemade cheese

Pour milk in a saucepan and heat until it boils.
Add skimmed milk curd.
Stir the mass all the time until the whey separates, it might take up to 2 minutes.
Put a strainer on the soucepan and pour the mass for separation the cheese from whey.
In the meantime, beat lightly the egg with salt and sugar.
Put the butter in a saucepan and melt it.
When the butter has melted add the cheese, stir slightly.
Then add the beaten egg and continue stirring for making smooth mass. Cheese must be heated in such a way for 5-8 minutes.
Afterwards remove and wrap the cheese into piece of cloth and put in a cold place for 3 hours.
Serve with honey or jam.
0.5 liters of milk
400 g of skimmed milk curd
1 egg
40 g butter
1/3 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon sugar

The recipe is from:
Guesthouse Mežinieku mājas
Gūteņi, Aglona municipality
[email protected]

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