Midsummer cheese

Pour into a pot water and milk and heat till boiling. Stirring constantly, add cottage cheese. When the mass starts to go in lumps,add easy scrambled eggs and cumin.
Remove mass from fire and pour into colander, where the wet gauze has been put. Make a ball and take away the whey. Put back into the pot, while stirring add salt and heat until a smooth paste will start to form. Put it in gauze, form the ball, and press in the middle.
Put cheese between two wooden boards or large plates and hold under load until it has cooled down.
1 kg curd
5l milk
½ l of water
3 eggs
100 g butter
2spoons of cumin

The recipe is from:
Guesthouse Upenīte
Tartakas street 7, Aglona municipality
LV-5304 Aglona district
[email protected]

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