Dumplings stuffed with duck sauce - cream cucumber

Duck legs to bake at 140C for 45 minutes, the liver at the same temperature for 10 minutes. The meat is seasoned to taste (thyme, marjoram, pepper, salt, etc.). Baked meat must be separated from the bones, grind, or put into a blender along with the liver and wholemeal bread diced (peeled). Then, add sauce created with roast duck and season to taste. Prepare the classic dough for dumplings. Fill the prepared stuffing dough.
Cut the cucumber into thin strips, onions in a pen. In a frying pan add a tablespoon of butter. Fry onions for a while, then add the cucumber. Fry everything for a while. At the end add some cream. Season and sprinkle with caraway seeds.

Put the boiled dumplings on a platter, pour the creamy-cucumber sauce over.
Ingredients for 1 kg of stuffing: 2 duck legs, 15 grams of whole-wheat bread, 1 onion, 1 cup roasted duck sauce, 15 grams of chicken liver

Ingredients for the sauce: 1 tablespoon cumin, parsley, pickles, onion, 10 ml cream 30%
Dwór Kaliszki

The recipe is from:
Dwór Kaliszki
Kaliszki 17
12-230 Biała Piska
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