Soup with horseradish cream with chips bekonowymi

Vegetables cut into and fry in butter. When the vegetables are soft zblenderować, add the cream and season to taste. Garnish bekonowymi chips and chives.
0.15 kg onion
0.15 kg leeks
0.3 kg celery
0.3 kg parsley
0.01 kg garlic
0.15 kg potatoes
1.5 L vegetable broth
0.03 kg butter
0.1 L of 30% cream
0.1 kg smoked bacon
0.01 kg chives
salt and pepper
0.1 kg horseradish root

The recipe is from:
Restauracja „Malta Cafe”, Olsztyn
Lelewela 6A
10-021 Olsztyn
[email protected]

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