Dumplings with buckwheat

Preparation of stuffing:
Boil buckwheat and eggs. Hard boiled eggs cut in cubes. Pork also cut in cubes and stir fry. Separately cut onion and on the pan stir fry. Afterward mix these ingredients: buckwheat, eggs, onion and season it.

Preparation of dough:
Tip flour to the bowl and scald it with boiling water so you can work the dough, add eggs a bit of oil and a pinch of salt. Work dough and roll it into a thin sheet. Afterward form with a glass circles, fill it with stuffing, fold and tightly pinch the edges.
½ kg buckwheat
4 eggs
½ kg smoked bacon
½ kg onion
Salt, pepper

Dough for dumplings:
80 dag flour
2 eggs

The recipe is from:
Gospoda "Pod Czarnym Łabędziem"
Mazurska 98
11-513 Rydzewo
[email protected]

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