Dumplings with meat and sauerkraut

Filling: grind meat in a meat grinder, then add the spices. Should cook sauerkraut and lightly squeeze and add to the meat.
Knead the dough with the ingredients and leave covered to rested. Then roll thin slices, cut slices. For each zalepić stuffing and pie. Yes dumplings prepared to throw into salted boiling water. Cook for about 15 minutes. Simmer. Taught on a plate and pour gravy.
Pastry ingredients:
- 1 kg flour
- Water
- Salt

Stuffing ingredients:
- 30 grams of boneless pork
- 20 grams of boneless beef
- Egg, salt, pepper, marjoram
- 20 grams of sauerkraut

Embellishment: Chop and fry
- 0.5 kg of bacon
- 1 onion

The recipe is from:
Bar „Młyn”
Konopnickiej 31
19-520 Banie Mazurskie
[email protected]

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