Lin la tripe

Lina clean. From the head, fins and tails cook broth with root vegetables. With soda and prepare the fish that was washed fillets, cut into strips la tripe that smother in butter covered. Shred vegetables and mushrooms in pasta, braise in butter, spread the concoction of fish, cream Thicken with flour and add the spices. Ready rope straps add to the strangled vegetables and sauté moment together.
Serve with bread.

 lin 750 g
60 g onion 
50 g of parsley 
 celery 50 g
 mushrooms 50 g
150 g cream 
 wheat flour 40 g
45 g butter 
10 g salt 
1 g of pepper 
 marjoram 0.5 g
 nutmeg 0.5 g
 ginger 0.5 g
 maggi to taste

The recipe is from:
Hotel Tajty
Przemysłowa 17
11-500 Wilkasy koło Giżycka
[email protected], [email protected]

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