Dumplings with meat gravy

Sift the flour through a sieve, add salt, egg yolk and pour boiling water, add the oil. All mix well. Knead the dough until smooth. Roll out, cut out circles discretion.
Stuffing: Grind the meat (raw) with onion, season to taste. Ponakładać stuffing and stick together.
Serve hot sprinkled.

Ingredients for the dough

1 kg flour
 yolk 1 piece
 1 cup boiling water
 4 tablespoons oil
 salt

Ingredients for filling

 blade 1.2 kg
 onions 0.4 kg
 oil onion podsmażenia
 salt and pepper to taste


 bacon 0.5 kg
 onion 0.25 kg

The recipe is from:
Hotel Tajty
Przemysłowa 17
11-500 Wilkasy koło Giżycka
[email protected], [email protected]

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