Pike stuffed into auszpikiem

After cleaning and dressing pike, carefully remove the skin, being careful not to cut it. Meat fish fillet and remove the bones. Soaked and wrung stale bread, pike fillets, pork and onions, grind in a meat grinder. We combine thoroughly all ingredients seasoned with ground spices, add carrot cut into small cubes and finely chopped parsley. Stuffing should develop, the final consistency of the batter should be sticky.
Leather pike with his head cut off the fins on the heads remove the gills and eyes. The skin we spread on the table. From stuffing we form the shaft and fill the skin and head. Wrap the fish in cheesecloth, mold shape, put into a roasting pan, pour water and cook for 15-20 minutes. Water, season with salt and vegetables. Cooked fish cool down and cut into slices and then re-assembled, laying on a dish shaped like a fish. In place of eyes put olives with allspice inside. Fish salad garnish, lemon, radish and pour the flavored gelling auszpikiem. The dish must be cooled by about 2-3h. Enjoy it!
1.5 kg pike (the head, cleaned and gutted)
30 grams of pork fat, such as groin
1 small roll
1 egg raw
1 small onion
1marchewka cooked,
seasoning for fish
juice of one lemon
salt and pepper to taste
gelatin (aspic)

The recipe is from:
Zajazd RADO
Wierzbiny 45
12-250 Orzysz
[email protected]

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