Sift the flour into a bowl and make a hole in the middle. In a small saucepan crumble yeast, add 3 tablespoons of lukewarm milk (can not be too hot or too cold) and 1 tablespoon sugar. Grout mix well and set aside in a warm place to rise (it should increase its volume by half). During this time, heat up ½ l of milk and drowning 2/3 cup butter. Overgrown pour grout into the hole captured in flour, backfill it with a light flour and pour some warm melted butter, whole egg sticks add sugar. Then pour half glass of milk, ie. We sit comfortably in a chair with a bowl in her lap and knead the dough by hand, gathering the flour from the bottom, combining all the ingredients. When we have as a homogeneous mass, pour half of the rest of the milk and knead further. If the dough during kneading is too thick you can add the remaining milk. The dough should be elastic, not too thin not too thick, tear from his hands. Kneading time is about 20-30 minutes. Then add the remaining butter and once more we process.
The kneaded dough into a large bowl translate and leave in a warm place until rooted. Leave the dough for about 40 to 60 minutes. Meanwhile, prepare the filling:
Grind curd, add egg yolk, sugar and lemon zest. All thoroughly combine into a homogeneous mass.
When dough on floured translate pastry board and rool cake batter thickness of 1-1.5 cm. Rolled cake smear cheese mass and wrap in a roll. Before baking, leave the cake yet to re-ferment. Just before baking, cake rozkłóconym smear egg. Bake on a dark golden brown in preheated oven at 165 ° C for about hours.
components to leaven:
10 grams of yeast
3 tablespoons lukewarm milk
1 tablespoon sugar

ingredients for the dough:
1kg flour
5 whole eggs (large)
1 glass of sugar
2/3 cup butter
½ liter of milk
pinch of salt

the filling:
Kiez (cottage cheese) 0.50 kg
sugar 1/2 glass
1pc yolk
rubbed with lemon rind

The recipe is from:
Zajazd RADO
Wierzbiny 45
12-250 Orzysz
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