Smoked trout on toast wholemeal emulsion with roasted beets, smoked cottage cheese with buckwheat

Beets wrapped in foil, sprinkle with salt put leaf, herb and pepper, a bit of oil, bake in temp.ok softness. Peel, blendujemy with vinegar, honey until smooth and creamy. Trout fillet, prepare a 10% brine with sugar, leaf, herb and pepper, put the fillets min to 2 h, dry it, kindle chips in the pot or grill to go out and start smoking heavily put on the grill fillets and we smoke about 10-15 min to obtain golden brown, smoked together cottage cheese, porridge boil in salted water, mix with cream cheese grits and fried onion, season with salt and pepper and arrange on toast with wholemeal bread (browned in the oven) it put the pieces of trout, on top put fillets with lemon mousse we put a spoon of sugar on a plate and drag.
rainbow trout
sea salt, sugar
herbs, bay leaf, pepper seeds, coarsely ground black pepper
Honey Lime
Local wholemeal bread
cider vinegar
sunflower oil
shredded alder and beech
grille into the pot or grill with lid

The recipe is from:
Restauracja Columb – VEGA Sp. z o.o.
Mickiewicza 133
11-400 Ostróda
[email protected]

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