Wierzbiański pate with cranberry

Cut the meat into thick cubes, cook, covered watering broth. Liver parzymy gently in the water. Stewed meat grind twice in a meat grinder on a fine sieve. Seasoned meat and preconceived translate into small plaques. Bake at. 155 deg. C for approx. 1 hr.
Pork shoulder 1 kg, pork jowls 0.5 kg, 0.5 kg chicken liver, chicken leg 0,6 kg, wheat roll soaked in milk, spices, dried cranberries 150 g.

The recipe is from:
Polska Akademia Nauk Dom Pracy Twórczej
Wierzba 7
12-220 Ruciane-Nida
[email protected]

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