Fish paste

Fish farming and consuming traditions have existed in Poland at least since the Piast dynasty. In Radziwiłłów Mazowiecki, traditions of eating freshwater fish as well as methods of their preparation were associated with Radziwiłł Palace in Nieborów cuisine, for which communes of Puszcza Mariańska provided food. Most often pike and zander were smoked, and smoking itself did not only raise shelf life but also enhanced taste. A popular dish prepared with smoked fish was fish paste. Very simple, quick and at the same time delicious. Ready-made paste can be eaten directly with bread or together with vegetable salads.
Meat - zander, pike (smoked in the traditional smokehouse), cucumber, mustard, mayonnaise (handmade from hen green-and oil), spices: salt, pepper

The recipe is from:
Dariusz Marcinowski
ul. Topolowa 3
96-332 Radziwiłłów
[email protected]

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