Mazovian Miodolada

In the Mazovia region, in the village Grębków, apart from honey, honey wine and honey beer people produced soft drinks based on honey collected from local hives. Each farmer had his unique recipe on that soft drink. The taste of the soft drink highly depends on the type of honey eg. buckwheat or acacia. Moreover there are lots of ingredients which one can add to the honey e.g. raspberry or strawberry juice, herbs or spices such as mint, ginger or cinnamon. Miodolada tastes a bit like kvass (bread drink) or soda due to its short fermentation process.
Honey from his own apiary (buckwheat, acacia, lime), and the surrounding apiaries that work with beekeepers, water from deep wells, lemon, ginger, and herbs and fruits from local fields, for example. Raspberries, mint

The recipe is from:
"Pachniczówka" Adrian Pachnik
ul. Polna 2
pachnicz[email protected]

Production & Processing 
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