Pears in syrup

Step 1 -
Peel the pears, you can leave all together with a tail or cut in half or quarters and remove the cores.
Step 2 -
- Wash them, put in water with lemon juice to prevent darkening the fruit.
Step 3 -
At a time when the pear is steep, prepare the syrup. Boil 4 cups of water, adding about 3 cups of sugar (you can give more, depending on taste) and ¾ cup vinegar
Step 4 -
Pears placed in jars, adding after 2 - 3 cloves and a piece of peeled lemon, then pour the syrup on them. Turn off and pasteurize for about fifteen minutes.
Step 5 -
Once cooled hide the jars in the pantry.

- Pears,
- Water,
- Lemon or vinegar,
- Sugar,
- And cloves

The recipe is from:
Retro Spiżarnia
ul. Szkolna 13
08-300 Skibniew-Podawce
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