Rolls of pork loin with mushrooms and goat halva

Rinse chanterelles with water in a bowl, and each mushroom clean of residue sand. Cook chanterelles in milk for about 30 minutes of boiling. Drain the mushrooms, rinse with water. Cut them into small pieces.

Wash beets and boil for about 90 minutes. Skin and cut into small cubes.

Stuffing: fry chanterelles in butter about 8 min., season with salt and pepper. Pour over the cream and cook until the sauce thickens. After removing from the fire add the diced goat halva and chopped parsley. The stuffing must cool down.

Preparating rolls: Cut pork riblets into pieces about 80 grams. Break the pestle thin cutlets, season with salt and pepper, place on the middle of the stuffing, then wrap the rolls. Fry rolls in the oil, transfer to a deeper dish, baste beef broth and simmer about 15 minutes.

Prepared beets simmer in a pan with the vinegar and sugar until the liquid evaporates completely. Then add the grated horseradish. Stir, do not boil.

Finished products arrange on plates. Fry on a grill 'sir grill' (cheese made out of the milk of goats). Place cheese on rolls. Dish is perfectly with horseradish mousse with buckwheat and fresh spinach leaves.
(Recipe for 6 servings)
- 1.2 kg pork loin
- 300 g chanterelles /best from the company ‘Runoland’/
- 200 g goat halva /best from the farm ‘Goat Meadow’/
- 250 g cream 30%
- 1 tablespoon chopped parsley
- 70 g butter
- salt and pepper
- 200 g cheese "Sir grill" /cheese made out of the milk of goats from the farm ‘Goat Meadow’/
- 1 kg beets
- 70 g of fresh grated horseradish
- 100 g of apple cider vinegar /best from the company ‘Maciejowy Sad’/
- 100 g sugar
Restauracja "Bernard"

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