Skåne - with a taste of paradise!

The Scanian landscape is a constant source of inspiration for visitors with heart for good food and the joy of discovery. Scania offers vast plains, rolling fields of rapeseed, pilalléer, miles and miles of white sandy beaches and castles landscape, but also the deep forests and steep cliffs. The Scanian food culture has been shaped by Skåne geographic conditions. Proximity to the sea on three sides, the mild climate, a favorable soil and the short distances between the inland and the coast has created conditions for high-quality products from cereal and vegetable fields, orchards, livestock and coastal fisheries. It is no wonder that Skåne has become a center for both gastronomy and food technology.

In Skåne food has always been an important part of life. Everywhere in the landscape there are inns, taverns and farm shops that bear witness to this tradition. Here visitors encounter the traditional dishes that smoked herring, custard, goose, smoked or fried eel. Here is the good meat dishes of pork, beef, lamb, venison and poultry. The Scanian food culture is constantly evolving through the newly created dishes in tradition, based on regional products. A culinary journey through Skåne herring table is a must, here is a variety that must be tested. Around the coast there are plenty of smokehouses where you can enjoy the most delicious smoked fish, maybe a really good Scanian rye bread.

Skånes landscape fish is eel, which can be prepared in many different ways. They fished along the coasts in October - november and then arrange eel feasts with lots of different preparations. Ålabodarna along Hanöbay, miles of sandy beaches are well worth a visit. Or make a visit to an apple orchard in May when it is at its most beautiful when all the apple trees are in bloom or in september when the trees are heavy with lovely fruit.

Anything is possible - just to step into the garden and enjoy the hospitality!

Regional Information
Area 10,939
Population: 1,286,584 (2014)
Member since: 1995
Recipes: 66
Business members: 78
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