Alanya is a city situated in the Mediterranean, in the eastern coast of Antalya Bay of the Anatolian Peninsula and its history dates back to the antiquity. The first human settlement in Alanya starts in the caves and dates back 20.000 years to the upper Palaeolithic age. Today Alanya is a nominee for the World’s Heritage Cities of UNESCO with its thousands year history.
Alanya has a typical Mediterranean climate with wet humid winters and hot dry summers. The average winter temperature is 14ºC; the average summer temperature is 27ºC. However, the city is located next to the sea, behind the town there is the Taurus Mountains , which is almost over 2000 meters high. The natural well-kept beaches extend along the coast and the total coastline of Alanya to the Mediterranean is about 100 km.
Although snow in the city centre is an extraordinary natural event, Taurus Mountains, where most of people from Alanya have village homes, covered white during winter. The Taurus has essential importance in the life of Alanya people. Going to pasture in the mountains and spending summer time there is a thousand-year’s Turcoman tradition and still exists in Alanya. Nowadays both local and foreign tourists commonly visit the pastures.
Alanya hosts a great number of international sports such as triathlon, mountain cycle, beach volleyball and beach football. In a way, Alanya is like a capital of alternative sports in Mediterranean. From spring to autumn, there are lots of international sports activities in Alanya.
In Alanya; economic life depends on tourism and agriculture. Alanya has an important role in Turkey’s banana, avocado and citrus growing. Alanya is one of the biggest and most popular holiday destinations of the Mediterranean with a total number of 150.000 bed capacity.

The Historical Places: Alanya Fortress, Red Tower, Dockyard, Gun House, Şarapsa Inn, Kargı Inn, Alara Citadel, Alara Inn

Antique Cities: Colybrassus, Hamaxia, Syedra, Leartes, Iotape, Selinus, Nephelis, Adanda-Lamus, Antiocheia Ad Cragum

Beaches: Cleopatra Beach, Keykubat Beach, Alara Beach, İncekum Beach, Avsallar Beach, Turkler and Payallar Beach, Konaklı Beach, Begonvil and Orange Beaches, Kestel Beach, Mahmutlar Beach, Kargıcak Beach,

Caves: Damlataş Cave, Dim Cave, Cave of Pirates, Cave of Lovers, Fosforlu Cave

Picnic areas: Dim brook, Oba brook, Türbelinas plateau, Söğüt plateau, Dereköy plateau

Regional Information
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Population: 285,000
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