Mazowiecka Micha Szlachecka

Culinary trail of old Polish traditions Mazovian Manors is one of the elements of the Mazovia Region entitled "The trail of folklore and flavors of Mazowsze." The offer is prepared for all those who appreciate the taste of gourmet cuisine, they want to slow the rush of everyday life and relax in nature while enjoying the taste of the dishes served once on the Polish table.

Initiative to create a route was taken by three objects lying on the Eastern Mazovia, less than 100 km from Warsaw Restaurant "Zaścianek Polish" from Siedlce, Retro Skibniew and Dwór Mościbrody. After several months, the partnership has been extended for a further objects "Palace Patrykozy, Distillery in Krzesku, Choco Fruit and Bakery Hall of Siedlce. Here overlap two cultures - Mazowsze and Podlasie. They were shaped by centuries of taking habits, influences and elements of the kitchen Belarusian, Lithuanian, Tatar and Jewish.

On the trail you can spend time actively using a variety of activities, such as cooking workshops, workshops, crafts, baking "moons noble". Fishing, horseback riding, carriage rides, sleigh rides, bike rides, boating, kayaking, playing with fire, feast is a way to spend free time. A real highlight of the trail is the traditional "ruth pumpkin" mini spa "Touch of an Angel" from the baths in beer and warm kremlowskimi teas.

You can also visit many interesting places. Siedlce invite you to visit the Diocesan Museum of Poland's where you can see the only painting by El Greco or listen to a concert on unique in the world of eighteenth-century organ Wagner. Walking thourght Siedlce you can also learn about the history of the city, which thanks to the Princess Alexandra of Czartoryski Ogińska was one of the most important cultural centers of eighteenth-century Republic. In the city it is essential to obtain a certified Culinary delights heritage of this region.

Other worthwhile places on the Trail is a historic Distillery in Krzesku, Patrykozach Palace - an architectural gem in the Mazovia region and one of the few in Poland foundry Brothers Kruszewski the Hungarians.

Traversing the Culinary Trail is an interesting escapade site combined with a tasting of homemade liqueurs. Cherry liqueur manor in Manor Mościbrody, tincture of Schizandra Japanese in Zaścianek Polish, skibniewianka in Retro Skibniew whether a series of tinctures Etude Distillery in Krzesku. We undoubtedly satisfy the most demanding connoisseurs.

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